How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Photo Shoot

No wedding day is complete without a great photo album to look through to remember your day forever. When you are getting married you should always enlist the help of a professional wedding photographer such as those found at You should never settle for second best and simply ask friends and family to take photos for you; it would be a mistake and something that you would regret forever.

When you are getting married you need to book your photographer well in advance, not just to ensure that he is available on the date you are getting married but also that you have a clear idea of what shoot you will require. You cannot simply hope for the best on the day and hope the photographer will capture the images that you are hoping and looking for; you need to discuss your big day in advance and listen to the suggestions of your professional.

Your professional photographer in Sussex will have done many shoots in all the most popular venues and will know just where the best shots are taken, and of course where the position of the sun will be at a certain time of day. Take the time to discuss your requirements in detail with your professional, and visit the venue with them to decide on just where you want your photos to be taken.

When you enlist the services of a professional wedding photographer you will have the opportunity to really capture every second of your big event. When you have decided on a venue as well as the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses and how many people will be in your wedding party you will then be able to visit the venue with your photographer and discuss just what will look best.

Your professional wedding photographer will know just where to take the best photos and what to avoid. Flowers in bloom in the gardens of your venue should always contrast with your dress and your own flowers; you should always try to make the most of natural sunlight and get the very best angle for the photos. These types of details are things that you may not have really thought about yourself; after all you are not a professional photographer. So, leave the hard work to the experts, listen, and put in your own input, until you come up with a plan of action that will be nothing less than perfect for your wedding day.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bed And Breakfast

Bed and breakfast have been a business for a long time. They have served a lot of people over the years but there is most of the time some misunderstanding because the one that took their accommodation is not made to be in there. There are some advantages and disadvantages that people need to consider before picking what kind of accommodation is best for them.

Budget is a very important advantage that a bed and breakfast can offer. Their accommodation price is with breakfast. This is good compared to having to think of buying that expensive food from the hotel. Another advantage is that the rooms would serve as an experience at itself. Another advantage is when an individual loves to have personal touch on their accommodation. Owners of bed and breakfast take pride in mingling with the guests and talking with them while they stay.

Bed and breakfast accommodations are usually located near a land mark or a historical place or even near a beach. This would need to be checked because there are people who use stock pictures just to attract visitors to their inns. There are times when these inns are in the rural locations, one would have to consider the location especially if this individual is thinking of exploring the urban areas. If one is a non smoker, a bed and breakfast is perfect. Most bed and breakfast do not allow people to smoke inside the premises. Early check-ins is the thing of bed and breakfast and they also have late check outs. SO if an individual would rather stay longer in a place this is the one for them.

The disadvantage of a bed and breakfast is that they need half of the payment to secure the room for an individual. This is because they offer limited number of rooms and they want to be sure that someone will be coming and not wasting their room accommodation when someone else can have it. Cancellations of reserved rooms in hotels can be accepted even at least twenty four hours before the specific date of check in. For bed and breakfast, they need at least a week to accept cancellations. The reason for this is the same as above. There is bed and breakfast that requires a minimum of two nights stay. Not all bed and breakfast do this but there are a lot.

TO find out more about this kind of establishment and what they offer, there are many similar websites with that can offer more information about this. Management often change with b & b and this would also need to be considered because one must know if the comments that are posted are from the older management or from this new management, the more recent the comments and the posts the better. There are websites that would have a list of establishments with ratings from previous customers. Read what they want to say about the establishment. Do the research it will help one find a good accommodation for them.

Book Your Italian Adventure Online Today

When you have your heart set on Italy for your holiday this summer you will have a range of options open to you; these can include a city break or a family holiday by the beach. However, if you want a real break and one that will get you away from your humdrum everyday life you need to head to Lake Como; check out to see what it’s all about.

When you love the thought of indulging in Italian culture a package holiday on the beach should be the last thing on your mind; you need to travel to a lakeside location where you can breathe in the fresh air and relax by the waterside. Lake Como provides a location that is free from mass tourism and one where you can really get to know Italy; provides you with all the information that you could possibly need.

A lakeside holiday can be a great experience for the whole family and with mountains and National park to explore you will have everything at your feet for a perfect family retreat. Lake Como provides a wide choice of accommodation for the whole family; has a large selection of affordable apartments and villas on offer that will suit you and your budget.

Lake Como enjoys high temperatures in the summer, yet an atmosphere that will allow you to really relax. When it gets too hot you can simply go down to the lakeside for a dip in the crystal clear waters. A lakeside holiday is perfect in every way for your family and you can really enjoy a different type of life to that which you would find if you headed to the packed and heated cities of Rome or Pisa.

Book your Italian adventure online today and forget heading with the masses to a packed beach where you just won’t be able to relax. Lake Como is a must for nature lovers and for people who appreciate the finer things in life. Take a trip to the lake, or rent a villa on the shores of the lake with the very best views you could possibly imagine. Lake Como is a great destination for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a retreat from your everyday life in the city. Book your break today and combine it with sightseeing, mountain climbing, or simply sitting on the shores of the lake and kicking off your shoes and relaxing.

7 Effective Ways to Save Money on a Popcorn Machine Hire

Do you like to save money? If you’re like most of us, you probably do. You can do that when you choose a popcorn machine hire. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pay the lowest price you could, so it’s critical to take particular steps, including these:

  1. Do price comparisons

You really can never truly know if you’re paying too much to rent a popcorn cart, until you know if a company is offering a reasonable price for it. Compare the price with another company’s price. If it’s “reasonable” then you should certainly consider doing business with the company. The price should always be compared with comparable units, instead of those with more or fewer features.

  1. Order in bulk

Companies like bulk orders since you’re ordering a lot of stuff. Ask if renting more carts could result in a lower price.

  1. Avoid customized items

When you customize items such as carts or bags, you’ll be required to pay more for your rental. If you’re on a shoestring budget, make sure that you avoid this step and instead opt for a standard-looking cart and bags. Sure, your popcorn bags won’t be as flash. But that’s OK if it means having a better event.

  1. Look for current promos

If you don’t learn or ask about a company’s promos, you might miss them. While companies often advertise their promos, you might have missed them—and thus missed the chance to enjoy a discounted popcorn machine hire.. Promos can save you a small fortune, so they’re certainly worth asking about.

  1. Be a repeat customer

While it’s not always done, sometimes companies will offer discounts to loyal customers. If you’re fully or nearly fully satisfied with a particular popcorn cart company’s products and customer service, then you might be offered a discount for being a loyal customer. Although there’s no guarantee that you could earn loyalty “points,” it’s certainly worth trying.

  1. Make sure the company has public cover

This is a critical cost-cutting measure that saves money by preventing extra spending. Unfortunately, “stuff” happens in life. By choosing a popcorn machine hire company with enough public cover, you’ll be prepared for any mishaps that could happen during your event. You shouldn’t be responsible for covering their costs.

  1. Look for permanent deals

Sometimes companies will provide certain permanent deals, such as for parties. These details can potentially save you a ton of money, such as on party deals. You might not be planning a party now or in the soon. But if you want to hire a popcorn cart in the future, consider availing of a permanent deal. Then when you’re ready to avail of the deal, you’ll be willing to save some capital.

The costs of popcorn machine hire can vary quite significantly. Fortunately, you can still find ways to save money when you rent a popcorn cart. The above-mentioned methods are a good start. You should also look for additional ways to cut the cost of hiring a popcorn machine from for your big day.

What Activities Should You Have At Your Party?

Putting up a party specially a children’s party is a wonderful thing for some people. But it is hell for others. One thing they do not have the time. They also do not have the patience to contact different people to pull this party.

Before, an individual just needs balloons, cake, chairs and tables, food and a place where the party can be celebrated. Nowadays, it’s like preparing for wedding. People start with place to celebrate the birthday. Usually it is in the house of the celebrant. Nowadays, there are event places which can be rented for a day and then it will be the place of the party. Then the theme, parents or the child can decide what they want for the theme of the party. It can be like a TV show or based on cartoon characters it can be anything that the celebrant of the parents decide upon. This theme will be the basis of everything. This only means that the invitation, things that you see on the party place will all boil down to the theme of the party.

The invitation is the next process. It will be based on the theme of the party. How it will look like will be based on the theme too. Then the deliveries of the invitations are the next process. Deciding to what activities are supposed to be in the party, it will also be partially based on the theme and what the celebrant would want to have. In the recent years, inflatable fixtures are becoming popular. To know more of this one can look at

These inflatable are usually rented out and placed on the event’s place. They can be in different shapes and sizes. The celebrant can always decide what they want for their party. There are inflatable that has balls on them and this can be more enjoyable. There are some with no balls but have slides on them. It really will depend on what people like.

An individual will just have to put in mind that there are safety issues concerning this inflatable so it’s always a recommendation to get someone to look after the children that plays in the inflatable. There are companies that can actually come with people that can do this for them, so one can look for such companies that will do this for them.

Party planners have usually a one stop shop. An individual will just have to their office and everything will be handed to them in a silver platter. A person will just have to choose what they want. Services like these are very common nowadays. These party coordinators know what their clients like and therefore will come up with a plan. They also usually ask how much budget a person has so they can work around that amount. When party planners are like this, an individual would know that they went to the right organizer. There are not a lot where you can say that they are the right one for you.

5 Lucky Innovative Wedding Cakes

Who does not love to taste or even bring home a slice or two of a wedding cake? These sweet babies are probably one of the reasons why people attend a wedding reception. Wedding cakes such as those designed by come in many different layers and many different flavors. The most common flavors include vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. If you are a couple who is about to be wed and you are still looking for contemporary and innovative flavors of wedding cakes, then you have chosen right article. Here are 5 flavors for wedding cakes.

The S’mores Wedding Cake. Reminisce your childhood by going for a wedding cake that reminds both of you how you love camping and the outdoors and campfires. The S’mores caked is basically a graham cracker cake filled with marshmallows and some chocolate ganache. The icing is usually vanilla buttercream & Swiss meringue, which will “toasted” using a chef’s torch. This is to add that campfire flavor. Chocolate curls may also be topped on this cake.

The Lemon & Thyme Cake. This cake if for the couple who loves citrusy flavors with a hint of herb aroma. It will definitely taste fresh and not to sweet, being made of several different layers like vanilla buttercream and lemon curd. The icing will be made of buttercream but there will be some additional touches like sprigs of lemon & thyme (which are sugared, by the way) as well as candied citrus. Another version of this wedding cake is to substitute thyme with rosemary or use lime and basil instead of the lemon & thyme.

The Raspberry Dacquoise Cake. If the bride and groom prefer a wedding cake that incorporates many different flavors, then this cake might just be what they are looking for. Usually decorated with a sage green fondant piped in with some golden raspberries, this is truly a unique cake as it combines crème framboise with more raspberries and layers of vanilla buttercream and meringue made from hazelnut and almond. You can change the nuts used too. Instead of hazelnut and almond, you can substitute in walnuts, pecans or even pistachios.

The Blueberry & Coconut Wedding Cake. Coconut cake is among the list of commonly flavored wedding cakes. If you are a fan of coconut cake, but want it to be more unique, you can opt for this flavor instead. This wedding cake will be dotted with blueberries and the cake icing will be a combination of blueberry preserves and coconut buttercream with some fresh orange curd.

The Passion Fruit & Lime Wedding Cake. Are you both fans of cocktails & tropical drinks? Then this wedding cake is for you. If you have a luau or Hawaiian wedding theme, then this should be your primary option. It smells so good and the taste is even better. It is basically a vanilla cake that was brushed with some simple lime syrup and layered with curds of passion fruit. Icing will definitely be made of passion fruit buttercream.

These wedding cakes have decadent and unique flavors that your guests and yourselves will certainly love so consider them and have the best wedding cake ever. For more info on other great cake ideas contact

6 Questions You Should Ask To Your Essex Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Interested of hiring a professional wedding photographer in Essex? Then you might need to consider few things and get some answers from few questions. This may help you determine whether you are dealing with a professional photographer who can provide your needs or not. By these questions, you can understand their limits and how they provide service professionally.

Is he or she flexible to adapt any circumstances that may come? – It is important that you can hire someone who can adapt at any circumstances that may come, your photographer needs to be ready at all times to insure quality results even through difficult moments. The photographer needs to be knowledgeable enough to deal with any situation and any people that he or she is dealing with.

Does he or she ever tried handling nature problems? But still provides quality service – we will never know when nature circumstances come but as a professional Essex wedding photographer, he or she must be ready enough to face and handle the situation to give quality results. The more they have experience in this matter, the easier for them to solve problems and still get what you want.

Does he or she consider sharing of ideas? – Give the photographer your wants and needs for your wedding. If he or she is open to what you share and may give attributes for better result then, you are really communicating and have a connection to each other. It may provide great understanding in both sides and this may help you reach goal for your wedding.

Is your photographer honest enough to tell whether they can provide your needs or not? – There are some photographers who would love to win your heart for the cash but not for the result. You need to know whether that photographer can provide your needs and as much as possible, the photographer needs to show honesty that he or she can provide it or not. A professional photographer is capable of saying that they can cope up with your style, time, desires, needs and whatever you want for your wedding.

Does your photographer make your plans easier? – If the photographer says that he or she can give you what you need, then you might want to consider giving him or her a test by sharing your thoughts or plans of your wedding. If the photographer provides information or shares something that makes your plans easier then, that photographer might be perfect for you.

Can he or she work professionally to reach your goal? – If the photographer can do the job professionally in whatever problems that may come, give you quality service, reach goals for your plan and do everything to provide you service. Then, you have the choice.

Hiring a professional photographer like can be difficult especially in matching your style and the photographers’ talent. You should hire someone that is comfortable to be with, the one you can share your ideas and provides it. The photographer needs to be knowledgeable in handling your needs for your special day, to meet your expectations and make you feel satisfied.

Why You Should Avail of a Chocolate Fountain Hire

Memorable chocolate fountains that cascade unlimitedly for hours – a genuine chocolaty indulgence for anyone who wishes to show off an impressively fashionable fondue.

Whatever occasion or event you are celebrating – be it a wedding reception, a corporate event, a birthday party, you will truly be able to benefit from this stunning display of chocolate in a chocolate fountain. Whether you just want to provide your guests with chocolate to ease their sweet tooth cravings, or if you want to catch their attention and make your party unforgettable, then a chocolate fountain hire is definitely a wise choice.

A chocolate fountain hire brings you a lot of benefits. It is a full package –you can get liquid chocolate displayed in an artistic chocolate fountain, wonderful staff members to cater to your and your guests every need, and you also get a wide range of dips for to choose from.

If you are a true chocolate connoisseur, then you will not be disappointed with a chocolate fountain hire. They only make use of the best and finest Belgian chocolate that will surely entice your tastebuds and soothe your sweet tooth.

If you are a fan of beauty and well-thought out presentation, then the chocolate fountain holding the liquid chocolate will surely not disappoint you either. Chocolate fountains come in different shapes, sizes and heights – all of which will be according to your exact specifications. Some standard heights for a chocolate fountain can range from 152 cm which is roughly 60 inches to 213 cm which is roughly 84 inches. You can choose a smaller, or a larger fountain, it really is your choice. Also, most chocolate fountains are shaped in the traditional fountain style but if you want, you can have it custom-made to fit the theme of your party. Just make sure to coordinate with the appropriate people in charge.

Next, a chocolate fountain hire also entails a group of wonderful staff members who will cater to your and your guests’ requests for the duration of the party. All of them hold level 2 Food Hygiene Certifications, which guarantees that they are skilled and are exceptionally professional. The staff members also wear appropriate outfits to fit your theme. However, if you want the staff members to really blend in, you may have their outfits custom-made too. For instance if you have an animal themed birthday party for your child, you may ask the people in charge to tailor costumes that would really fit in with the theme. This might cost you extra, but it would definitely be worth it.

Lastly, for those who want to eat their chocolate with something else, most companies like offer a wide range of dips for you to choose from. Some chocolate fountain hire packages enable you to choose as many as 12 different dips. Some dips commonly offered are different fruits like: strawberry, apple, grapes, peach and etc. Other dips also include other sweet goods such as: cake balls, marshmallows, waffles, mini donuts, brownies, etc. You can mix up different dips to ensure that everyone in your party will have a choice.

Not only does it bring you the finest Belgian chocolate in liquid form, but it also provides you with wonderful staff members and delectable dips to choose from–a chocolate fountain hire is definitely a brilliant idea. So the next time you have a party or an event, make sure to keep a chocolate fountain hire in mind.

How to Have A Fun-Filled Candy Floss Hire Experience

Do you want your party to stand out and be distinct from all the common party themes these days?vBe it a corporate event, a children’s party, an office party, or a wedding, you can now start availing of candy floss hire! You might be wondering if having candy floss is really appropriate to have at, let’s say, a corporate party. We say, why not? Everyone enjoys sugary sweets and candy floss definitely counts as a classic.

Whether you call it candy floss, cotton candy or that fluffy sweet stuff, you and your guests will certainly love each mouthful of it. Having it melt away in your mouth will only positively leave you wanting more. Traditionally, candy floss used to be commonly found at parks, local fairs and circuses, however these days you can even have it at your own personal parties. A candy floss hire from involves a lot of benefits – it does not just certify a sweet experience while eating the candy floss, but it can also be a memorable experience for everyone involved! The rare appearance of candy floss at a company function or even at a wedding reception will certainly be memorable enough, but just imagine if you get to try making it yourself?

Qualified event professionals and some companies are now offering the unique experience of having a candy floss hire at your party. If you do avail of a candy floss hire, you will be able to receive the following goods and services: a candy floss machine, an unlimited (this depends on the package that you avail) amount of candy floss that comes in traditional pink or you can choose to dye it in another color to match your theme. Companies who provide candy floss hire also assure you that their candy is not reused from old buffets. They also give you the option of either placing your candy floss on a stick, a bag or on a cone. Furthermore, if you work hand-in-hand with the company in-charge, you can even ask them to match their supplies with the theme of your party. Companies also make sure that their equipment is PAT tested and that it is safe to use. They also maintain it on a regular basis to make sure that it operates smoothly.

Additionally, a candy floss hire package also entails that there will be servers who will cater to your needs from the start of the party up until it finishes. The candy machine will also be constantly manned by qualified personnel – this is to ensure that the candy floss produced will be delicious and fresh. Also, having experienced personnel man the candy floss machine ensures that the process will go smoothly. However, there are some companies and candy floss hire services that allow the customers to experience the fun of creating their own candy floss. They get to operate the candy floss machine. In order to do this, you must first make sure to talk to the staff present and ask permission. All staff members also have a level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.

A candy floss hire at your party guarantees an enjoyable, mouthwatering and flavor filled experience which is certainly an exceptional addition to any party or event!

Why Photo Booth Hires are a Must for Weddings

Whether you are a man or a woman, one of the most memorable milestones in your life is your wedding. We all know how weddings go and how they usually make us feel. From Greenland to Australia, an individual should be invited or attend at least a wedding or two in his or her lifetime. Since this is supposed to be a day that everyone remembers, a common fixture in weddings is the professional wedding photographer. And rising to become the most common fixation of wedding guests is the photo booth hire from a firm like

Not everyone is familiar with the photo booth. A photo booth is kind of like a vending machine, but instead of vending out sodas or junk food or chocolates, they produce photos that were taken just moments ago. It is an automated and oftentimes a coin- operated modern kiosk with both a camera and a film processor inside it. Pretty cool, huh? Although I am not quite sure what camera model is put up inside a photo booth (maybe not a DSLR perhaps), the picture that are printed into those sticker papers or papers with colorful decors on them, are still good enough- good enough for the pics to be posted as profile pictures in our different social media accounts, that is. The pictures are usually the size of pants pockets.

So why should you have a wedding photo booth hire for your wedding instead of just the wedding photographer? The thing is, a wedding photographer’s shots are sometimes just too formal or maybe even too stiff. Beautiful, yes but too stiff. And that photographer might just be too involved in the formality and wedding details that the wedding entourage and wedding guests all have to pose or position themselves in a way that the photographer wants. Photo booth hires are different. People get to call anything and everything. They can be who they want to be within the pictures, they can act the way they want (formal or wacky). They can be candid or conservative or just plain silly. The options are limitless. And the props that come along with the photo booth are a definite plus because you get to play around and pretend some more.

And last but definitely not the least, getting a photo booth would assure the bride and groom that everyone will have pictures of their wedding. There are instances where the wedding photographer is just too busy taking pictures of the wedding entourage and they tend to forget some guests . And no guests want to be forgotten right? Photo booths assure us that even if a wedding photographer gets to forget a guest, that guest will have at least one souvenir photo of the wedding and that will be from the photo booth. Weddings are one of those few events where it is not only the bride who feels she is at her most beautiful. The wedding entourage and the wedding guests get to feel them too.

So if you are about to get married or know someone who is, get them to book a photo booth for a wedding today.