5 Lucky Innovative Wedding Cakes

Who does not love to taste or even bring home a slice or two of a wedding cake? These sweet babies are probably one of the reasons why people attend a wedding reception. Wedding cakes such as those designed by http://ameliageorge.co.uk/ come in many different layers and many different flavors. The most common flavors include vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. If you are a couple who is about to be wed and you are still looking for contemporary and innovative flavors of wedding cakes, then you have chosen right article. Here are 5 flavors for wedding cakes.

The S’mores Wedding Cake. Reminisce your childhood by going for a wedding cake that reminds both of you how you love camping and the outdoors and campfires. The S’mores caked is basically a graham cracker cake filled with marshmallows and some chocolate ganache. The icing is usually vanilla buttercream & Swiss meringue, which will “toasted” using a chef’s torch. This is to add that campfire flavor. Chocolate curls may also be topped on this cake.

The Lemon & Thyme Cake. This cake if for the couple who loves citrusy flavors with a hint of herb aroma. It will definitely taste fresh and not to sweet, being made of several different layers like vanilla buttercream and lemon curd. The icing will be made of buttercream but there will be some additional touches like sprigs of lemon & thyme (which are sugared, by the way) as well as candied citrus. Another version of this wedding cake is to substitute thyme with rosemary or use lime and basil instead of the lemon & thyme.

The Raspberry Dacquoise Cake. If the bride and groom prefer a wedding cake that incorporates many different flavors, then this cake might just be what they are looking for. Usually decorated with a sage green fondant piped in with some golden raspberries, this is truly a unique cake as it combines crème framboise with more raspberries and layers of vanilla buttercream and meringue made from hazelnut and almond. You can change the nuts used too. Instead of hazelnut and almond, you can substitute in walnuts, pecans or even pistachios.

The Blueberry & Coconut Wedding Cake. Coconut cake is among the list of commonly flavored wedding cakes. If you are a fan of coconut cake, but want it to be more unique, you can opt for this flavor instead. This wedding cake will be dotted with blueberries and the cake icing will be a combination of blueberry preserves and coconut buttercream with some fresh orange curd.

The Passion Fruit & Lime Wedding Cake. Are you both fans of cocktails & tropical drinks? Then this wedding cake is for you. If you have a luau or Hawaiian wedding theme, then this should be your primary option. It smells so good and the taste is even better. It is basically a vanilla cake that was brushed with some simple lime syrup and layered with curds of passion fruit. Icing will definitely be made of passion fruit buttercream.

These wedding cakes have decadent and unique flavors that your guests and yourselves will certainly love so consider them and have the best wedding cake ever. For more info on other great cake ideas contact http://ameliageorge.co.uk

6 Questions You Should Ask To Your Essex Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Interested of hiring a professional wedding photographer in Essex? Then you might need to consider few things and get some answers from few questions. This may help you determine whether you are dealing with a professional photographer who can provide your needs or not. By these questions, you can understand their limits and how they provide service professionally.

Is he or she flexible to adapt any circumstances that may come? – It is important that you can hire someone who can adapt at any circumstances that may come, your photographer needs to be ready at all times to insure quality results even through difficult moments. The photographer needs to be knowledgeable enough to deal with any situation and any people that he or she is dealing with.

Does he or she ever tried handling nature problems? But still provides quality service – we will never know when nature circumstances come but as a professional Essex wedding photographer, he or she must be ready enough to face and handle the situation to give quality results. The more they have experience in this matter, the easier for them to solve problems and still get what you want.

Does he or she consider sharing of ideas? – Give the photographer your wants and needs for your wedding. If he or she is open to what you share and may give attributes for better result then, you are really communicating and have a connection to each other. It may provide great understanding in both sides and this may help you reach goal for your wedding.

Is your photographer honest enough to tell whether they can provide your needs or not? – There are some photographers who would love to win your heart for the cash but not for the result. You need to know whether that photographer can provide your needs and as much as possible, the photographer needs to show honesty that he or she can provide it or not. A professional photographer is capable of saying that they can cope up with your style, time, desires, needs and whatever you want for your wedding.

Does your photographer make your plans easier? – If the photographer says that he or she can give you what you need, then you might want to consider giving him or her a test by sharing your thoughts or plans of your wedding. If the photographer provides information or shares something that makes your plans easier then, that photographer might be perfect for you.

Can he or she work professionally to reach your goal? – If the photographer can do the job professionally in whatever problems that may come, give you quality service, reach goals for your plan and do everything to provide you service. Then, you have the choice.

Hiring a professional photographer like http://www.philstanley.co.uk can be difficult especially in matching your style and the photographers’ talent. You should hire someone that is comfortable to be with, the one you can share your ideas and provides it. The photographer needs to be knowledgeable in handling your needs for your special day, to meet your expectations and make you feel satisfied.

Why You Should Avail of a Chocolate Fountain Hire

Memorable chocolate fountains that cascade unlimitedly for hours – a genuine chocolaty indulgence for anyone who wishes to show off an impressively fashionable fondue.

Whatever occasion or event you are celebrating – be it a wedding reception, a corporate event, a birthday party, you will truly be able to benefit from this stunning display of chocolate in a chocolate fountain. Whether you just want to provide your guests with chocolate to ease their sweet tooth cravings, or if you want to catch their attention and make your party unforgettable, then a chocolate fountain hire is definitely a wise choice.

A chocolate fountain hire brings you a lot of benefits. It is a full package –you can get liquid chocolate displayed in an artistic chocolate fountain, wonderful staff members to cater to your and your guests every need, and you also get a wide range of dips for to choose from.

If you are a true chocolate connoisseur, then you will not be disappointed with a chocolate fountain hire. They only make use of the best and finest Belgian chocolate that will surely entice your tastebuds and soothe your sweet tooth.

If you are a fan of beauty and well-thought out presentation, then the chocolate fountain holding the liquid chocolate will surely not disappoint you either. Chocolate fountains come in different shapes, sizes and heights – all of which will be according to your exact specifications. Some standard heights for a chocolate fountain can range from 152 cm which is roughly 60 inches to 213 cm which is roughly 84 inches. You can choose a smaller, or a larger fountain, it really is your choice. Also, most chocolate fountains are shaped in the traditional fountain style but if you want, you can have it custom-made to fit the theme of your party. Just make sure to coordinate with the appropriate people in charge.

Next, a chocolate fountain hire also entails a group of wonderful staff members who will cater to your and your guests’ requests for the duration of the party. All of them hold level 2 Food Hygiene Certifications, which guarantees that they are skilled and are exceptionally professional. The staff members also wear appropriate outfits to fit your theme. However, if you want the staff members to really blend in, you may have their outfits custom-made too. For instance if you have an animal themed birthday party for your child, you may ask the people in charge to tailor costumes that would really fit in with the theme. This might cost you extra, but it would definitely be worth it.

Lastly, for those who want to eat their chocolate with something else, most companies like http://www.candy-buffets.co.uk/ offer a wide range of dips for you to choose from. Some chocolate fountain hire packages enable you to choose as many as 12 different dips. Some dips commonly offered are different fruits like: strawberry, apple, grapes, peach and etc. Other dips also include other sweet goods such as: cake balls, marshmallows, waffles, mini donuts, brownies, etc. You can mix up different dips to ensure that everyone in your party will have a choice.

Not only does it bring you the finest Belgian chocolate in liquid form, but it also provides you with wonderful staff members and delectable dips to choose from–a chocolate fountain hire is definitely a brilliant idea. So the next time you have a party or an event, make sure to keep a chocolate fountain hire in mind.

How to Have A Fun-Filled Candy Floss Hire Experience

Do you want your party to stand out and be distinct from all the common party themes these days?vBe it a corporate event, a children’s party, an office party, or a wedding, you can now start availing of candy floss hire! You might be wondering if having candy floss is really appropriate to have at, let’s say, a corporate party. We say, why not? Everyone enjoys sugary sweets and candy floss definitely counts as a classic.

Whether you call it candy floss, cotton candy or that fluffy sweet stuff, you and your guests will certainly love each mouthful of it. Having it melt away in your mouth will only positively leave you wanting more. Traditionally, candy floss used to be commonly found at parks, local fairs and circuses, however these days you can even have it at your own personal parties. A candy floss hire from http://www.candy-buffets.co.uk involves a lot of benefits – it does not just certify a sweet experience while eating the candy floss, but it can also be a memorable experience for everyone involved! The rare appearance of candy floss at a company function or even at a wedding reception will certainly be memorable enough, but just imagine if you get to try making it yourself?

Qualified event professionals and some companies are now offering the unique experience of having a candy floss hire at your party. If you do avail of a candy floss hire, you will be able to receive the following goods and services: a candy floss machine, an unlimited (this depends on the package that you avail) amount of candy floss that comes in traditional pink or you can choose to dye it in another color to match your theme. Companies who provide candy floss hire also assure you that their candy is not reused from old buffets. They also give you the option of either placing your candy floss on a stick, a bag or on a cone. Furthermore, if you work hand-in-hand with the company in-charge, you can even ask them to match their supplies with the theme of your party. Companies also make sure that their equipment is PAT tested and that it is safe to use. They also maintain it on a regular basis to make sure that it operates smoothly.

Additionally, a candy floss hire package also entails that there will be servers who will cater to your needs from the start of the party up until it finishes. The candy machine will also be constantly manned by qualified personnel – this is to ensure that the candy floss produced will be delicious and fresh. Also, having experienced personnel man the candy floss machine ensures that the process will go smoothly. However, there are some companies and candy floss hire services that allow the customers to experience the fun of creating their own candy floss. They get to operate the candy floss machine. In order to do this, you must first make sure to talk to the staff present and ask permission. All staff members also have a level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.

A candy floss hire at your party guarantees an enjoyable, mouthwatering and flavor filled experience which is certainly an exceptional addition to any party or event!

Why Photo Booth Hires are a Must for Weddings

Whether you are a man or a woman, one of the most memorable milestones in your life is your wedding. We all know how weddings go and how they usually make us feel. From Greenland to Australia, an individual should be invited or attend at least a wedding or two in his or her lifetime. Since this is supposed to be a day that everyone remembers, a common fixture in weddings is the professional wedding photographer. And rising to become the most common fixation of wedding guests is the photo booth hire from a firm like http://thesuperbooth.co.uk.

Not everyone is familiar with the photo booth. A photo booth is kind of like a vending machine, but instead of vending out sodas or junk food or chocolates, they produce photos that were taken just moments ago. It is an automated and oftentimes a coin- operated modern kiosk with both a camera and a film processor inside it. Pretty cool, huh? Although I am not quite sure what camera model is put up inside a photo booth (maybe not a DSLR perhaps), the picture that are printed into those sticker papers or papers with colorful decors on them, are still good enough- good enough for the pics to be posted as profile pictures in our different social media accounts, that is. The pictures are usually the size of pants pockets.

So why should you have a wedding photo booth hire for your wedding instead of just the wedding photographer? The thing is, a wedding photographer’s shots are sometimes just too formal or maybe even too stiff. Beautiful, yes but too stiff. And that photographer might just be too involved in the formality and wedding details that the wedding entourage and wedding guests all have to pose or position themselves in a way that the photographer wants. Photo booth hires are different. People get to call anything and everything. They can be who they want to be within the pictures, they can act the way they want (formal or wacky). They can be candid or conservative or just plain silly. The options are limitless. And the props that come along with the photo booth are a definite plus because you get to play around and pretend some more.

And last but definitely not the least, getting a photo booth would assure the bride and groom that everyone will have pictures of their wedding. There are instances where the wedding photographer is just too busy taking pictures of the wedding entourage and they tend to forget some guests . And no guests want to be forgotten right? Photo booths assure us that even if a wedding photographer gets to forget a guest, that guest will have at least one souvenir photo of the wedding and that will be from the photo booth. Weddings are one of those few events where it is not only the bride who feels she is at her most beautiful. The wedding entourage and the wedding guests get to feel them too.

So if you are about to get married or know someone who is, get them to book a photo booth for a wedding today.

The Peak District Pro Photographers

Peak District, an area in England, mostly consisting of land and rocks, is a great place for photography. Geographically, it has a domelike structure with hills and slopes. Also, in the United Kingdom, the Peak District National Park was the first proclaimed national park. The park’s beautiful scenery attracts hundreds to thousands of tourists yearly.

There are many featured professional photographers who are based in Peak district areas. They do photography for business, advertisements, and fine arts purposes. Some do the Landscape and some do the Nature photography depending on their specific expertise. There are also pros that offer courses and tutorials, categories like landscape, nature, and digital photography courses. Here below, are some of the professional photographers who feature the beauty and wonders of the Peak District.

There are a list of the many photographers like http://www.paulgroganphotography.com who are into the District peak area. They are very privileged to be assigned in a very amazing setting. The District peak is not just for the photographers to have their activities involving the different sceneries, but for the film and television show makers, the hikers, the self searchers and for everybody who wants to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Does it Matter to Have a Digital or Manual Camera?

The choice depends on your purpose and interests. You may have your designated courses in whatever kind and brand of camera you have. Your creativity counts in learning, so that others may also learn from you. Learn your camera’s basic function first to familiarize yourself for the steps you are going to discuss later on. Try to read and understand the manual of your camera or you may check some sites that offers tutorial.

You may use all these ideas to invest your own photo business later on, or to just collect photos for your personal interests and hobbies. Learn and discover your own photography skills. Capture great photos with your family and friends to cherish. Try to enroll now; you may have what it takes to be a pro. These lessons are offered in a free schedule and in a very reasonable price for tuition fee. Discover your hidden talent and enjoy everything life has to offer. Enjoy each and every thing nature has blessed us. With your skills, creativeness, willingness and enjoyment, you will make this world a great place to live. Take a pic in the peak, earn some nature’s tip.

Choosing The Best Marquee For Your Wedding Day

When you have chosen to hold your wedding reception in a marquee then there will be many different things to consider; there are a huge number of different marquees available and you will need to decide which one to choose and what other equipment you should hire for your occasion. When choosing a marquee for your wedding visit www.capmarquees.com for the very best idea.

Choosing a marquee; number of guests
When choosing a marquee for your wedding day one of the first things you will need to clarify is how people are on your guest list. Once you have a clear number of guests that will be attending then you will be able to start selecting from the models available. It is important that you don’t hire a tent that will be too big or too small; you can never create the atmosphere that you are looking for if people are cramped or if there are big open spaces.

Choosing a marquee; time of year
The type of marquee that you choose from when visiting www.capmarquees.com will also depend on the time of year that you will get married; a spring or summer wedding reception can be held in semi-open marquee and a winter wedding reception will be perfect in an enclosed marquee that is fitted with linings.

Choosing a marquee; sit down meal or buffet
When choosing a marquee you will also need to consider the type of food you will be providing. If you are having a sit-down meal for your guests then you will need enough room for tables and chairs; if you are having a buffet then you may like to leave a lot of other open space for people to mingle around and dance on a dance floor.

As well as the type of food you plan to have in your marquee you need to think about your entertainment options; you may like to have a band, an orchestra, or a DJ for your reception. As well as deciding on the size of marquee you will need to think about the how you would like to decorate it for your celebration. You can choose from drapes for your chairs, coloured carpets, a bright and checked dance floor, and linings in non-traditional colours to create an entirely unique atmosphere

Choosing the best marquee for your reception day will allow you to really create a unique atmosphere and one that will be perfect in every way for your wedding day. When you are inviting guests to share in your celebrations you want to give them a special place to enjoy your reception with you, and one that will create memories that will stay with you forever. By choosing the correct design for your marquee and the right colour combinations as well as lighting and chairs and tables you can create a venue that will be perfect in every way. Decide on the size of your marquee, what you want inside, and literally build and create a venue for your reception that you will love in every way.

How To Ensure The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding Reception

Planning your wedding day is a stressful time but it is also a time that you should enjoy; from picking out your dress to choosing the flowers for your bridal party you will have hundreds of decisions to make and your list of things you need to do will keep on growing. To ensure that your reception looks spectacular everything should be perfect; from your drapes to your furniture everything should match you and your wedding dress.

There are many different venues that you may choose from your wedding reception; you may choose from a reception hall to a marquee in the summer; the choice is all yours. When you choose an outdoor wedding and a marquee for your reception your wedding day will be beautiful in every way. Inside your marquee you will have your tables and chairs; these should all be designed to match and look like your reception is being held in a palace.

There are many ways to make your marquee or other venue look perfect; for some inspiration look on capmarquees.com today. From your marquee to your table cloths and centre pieces they have a huge selection of different drapes and marquees that you will need for your day. Hiring a marquee for an outdoor wedding reception can be the perfect solution in the spring or summer time and it will not be as expensive as you may first think.

When you have decided that you will opt for an outdoor venue for your wedding venue a marquee is important; it will protect the guests from the sun wind or even the rain. There are many different sizes of marquee available for hire at capmarquees.com, the size you choose depending on the number of guests that will be attending your wedding.

A wedding reception in the open air is a perfect way to end your big day after your ceremony. Many people who get married in spring and summer will choose a marquee for their wedding reception; it makes the day much more special than simply having a reception in a hall. Your marquee will look perfect and all your chairs will be draped to make your venue look like a palace fit for a queen.

When you are busy organizing your big day you will have many things to remember and when you leave the venue for your reception to the experts you will have one less thing to worry about. Choose you venue carefully, select you marquee and drapes, and then go on to think about the finer details such as the centre pieces for your table or even the napkin holders. Your wedding day is a day that you should always remember and a day when you feel like a true princess marrying her prince charming. Ensure your big day is perfect when you leave the organization to the experts and concentrate on getting ready yourself for the day that you will get married and the first day of your new married life.

Where To Find The Best Pet Sitting Experts

Choosing to leave your animals with someone that they are not familiar with while you are away from home is not a decision that you will make lightly; you will want to know that they are being looked after properly and that they will be happy while you are away. Finding the best pet sitting experts like http://www.purrfectpartners.co.uk is a job you should do thoroughly; do not simply take the first offer that you are given.

If you do not know anyone in your local area that is renowned for pet sitting then you can look online or in local advertisements to find the best person for the job; there are many people offering such services so make sure you choose the best. Social media is a great place to find a pet sitter; you will be able to look at pictures of pets that people have already looked after and judge whether they look happy or not.

Once you have found a few individuals in your area who are offering pet sitting services then you need to meet them in person and find out about their past experience; depending on the breed of your dog or the temperament of your animals you will need to choose different individuals. Ask if they will stay at your home or whether they will simply visit every day; if they are looking after several other pets at the same time ask how many animals the maximum is that they will look after.

Your pet deserves the same level of attention from a sitter as he or she gets from you; so ensure that your pet sitting individual loves animals and is not just doing the job of pet sitting to earn some extra cash. The best sitters will have years of experience, and you will be able to pick up on this at your first meeting with them. Your chosen person needs to be outgoing and prepared to actually play with your animals and exercise as well as feeding them and grooming where necessary.

Once you have found and interviewed a few pet sitters, arrange for a trial day; it is of the utmost importance that your individual will be able to handle your animals and will be confident to look after them. See how your dog bonds with your sitter, and watch and observe until you are confident that they are the right person for the job.

Choosing the right person to look after your animals while you are away is a job that should not be taken lightly; once you have found someone who is great at the job then you can simply use them every time you go away. Make decisions as to whether you would like your person to look after your home as well, or if the will simply visit every day. When you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time the happiness of your pets is of vital importance; so choose your person wisely and you will be able to stay safe in the knowledge that your pets will be properly looked after while you are away.

Spend Your Holiday Vacation With Adventure Weekends and Outdoor Activities

In a few days every year, we tend to have our own set of vacation dates that we want to be perfect. Whether it is for Christmas or for birthdays, gatherings and well, even on your days off during the weekends, we want to make sure that we spend our days and nights worthwhile. If you love being outdoors or want to change your weekend routines, these adventure weekends offered by companies like opendooradventure.co.uk is your answer. Not only will you be able to do great outdoor activities but also bond with your friends and family. Do you know that there are a lot of ways on how you can do this?

Do a Weekend Getaway
Be able to experience a getaway like no other with a smart choice of location and of course a good old Kota hut, chalet and even hot tubs. Can you imagine just how peaceful and calming the surrounding is and with that, you get to bond with your family, be able to engage in activities that involve nature and not to mention free seminars on how to build camp fires shelters and other fun activities that you and your kids would enjoy.

Adventure Weekends for Couples
If you don’t have kids to take care of or maybe you are a couple who just loves the outdoor and would love to try out adventure weekends, you can choose to find packages exclusively for couples. Mostly accommodation is provided and then you’ll be offered to choose from different types of outdoor activities such as canoeing, duckies, abseiling, horse trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and many more. This is perfect for young people who are in love and want to spend quality and fun time together.

Family Adventure Holidays
Family reunions should not only be confined in a restaurant or resort hotel. It should be spent worthwhile with nature and what better way to do this is to check and get family adventure holidays like opendooradventure.co.uk. Be able to see your whole family participate in different activities, games and well, even preparing your meals. Family bonding has never been so fun! Teach your kids how to be close with their cousins, be able to teach them sportsmanship, leadership and how it is to be independent too. This is the best way to enjoy your reunion or any family occasion.

Ski and Snowboard Holidays
This is just perfect for the holiday season. For families, couples and everyone else, who doesn’t love snow and the outdoor activities that go along with it? There are multiple activities that you and your fellow visitors can choose from and don’t worry about being a non-pro, there are a lot of courses for beginners too. Accommodations, training and the entire needed equipment can easily be purchased and you just have to enjoy every minute of being there.

Being able to have adventure weekends with all the important people in your life is something that we should all try out. Don’t confine yourself in your home or just bore yourself with all the usual things that you do now. Go out and explore and be happy with your adventure weekends such as opendooradventure.co.uk and your outdoor activities.